Savored Nutrition clients may want to make minor "real life" performance improvements or may need a full lifestyle overhaul. Either way, I am here to help! Perhaps you have health challenges, want to lose weight, or want to create healthier eating and lifestyle habits. Here at Savored Nutrition, I provide the education, accountability, and support to help all clients reach their wellness goals. 

Ready to make the leap into a rejuvenated you? 

Let's be real- reaching your goals doesn't happen overnight and, it can be hard to do it on your own! You might feel like you have a good grasp on things for the first week or two, but then as life events come options get boring...or motivation lags and you start to veer into old habits. That's where I come in...I am here to be your personal nutrition concierge (aka your wellness coach and cheerleader)! We'll figure out where you are, where you want to go, and then work to figure out how to get there...together! 

I offer nutrition counseling packages that will help you in whatever manner suits you best. I also provide my patients with FREE access to my wellness app so you share your food journal, pictures of meals and snacks, enter stats about weight or measurement changes, and send emails (HIPPA compliant, of course). While I love seeing my clients in person, I also offer phone or video conferencing appointments so you can stay on track, no matter where you might be! 


1-on-1 counselinG

Don't try to figure it out all on your own! You'll love my holistic and supportive approach to healthy living. Get your own personalized nutrition plan today! 

Pantry Makeover

Align your lifestyle with your nutrition goals by refreshing your pantry and refrigerator. Let's work together to make room for the food that will give you the most energy and help improve your overall health!

GRocery tours

Take a trip to the store with me, your own personal nutrition expert! Learn great tips for quick and healthy meals, all within your budget. All while getting in and out of the store in a stress-free manner!



Lunchtime talks for organizations looking to support their staff wellness needs. Equip your staff for a happy, healthy work-life without disruption or downtime to the day.