Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Support

Are you interested in pursuing weight loss surgery? Or, do you need some guidance on how to use your new weight loss surgery tool? 

Let's join forces to help you on your unique journey to health and wellness. I specialize in LapBand, Gastric Sleeve, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, and Duodenal Switch Gastric Bypass surgeries. 

Services available: 

  • Nutrition assessment 
  • Laboratory assessment 
  • Vitamin/supplement recommendations 
  • Education on protein shakes 
  • Guidance on pre-operative liver shrinking diet, post-op liquid/pureed/soft-food diets 
  • Support with advancement to regular textures 
  • Monthly post-op follow-up 
  • Meal plans 
  • Recipe ideas 
  • Ongoing support with behavior change 
  • Assessment and feedback of food journals
  • and More!!